丑時旅店 - Novem 收藏精品


丑時旅店,由阿鬼(劉宇桓)主理, 阿鬼畢業於國立台北藝術大學劇場設計學系, 主修舞台設計。作品喜歡營造整體氛圍場景, 增加故事性, 風格偏黑暗童話。靈感來自半夢半醒間。曾獲得第四屆台日妖怪大賞最優秀賞得主及全國科幻造型大賽第四名。      The Midnite Hotel was leaded by “A Gui”(LIU, YUHUAN). He graduated from the Theatre Design Department of the National Taipei Art University. Majoring in stage design. Works like to create an overall atmosphere scene, increase the story, style dark fairy. Inspired by half dreams. He won the 4th winner of the 4th Taiwan & Japan Monster Award and the 4th winner of the National Sci-Fi Modeling Contest.                             ★每盒附有獨立房卡編號★全球限量166隻★現貨限量3隻★

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丑時旅店是特殊的機構,夢的販售是最主要的業務來源,同時也經營著學校孤兒院等慈善機構,收留許多無家可歸的孩童與遭遺棄的孤兒,孩童可以通過故事交換住宿,一晚一個故事,若沒故事可講,可以用夢來抵押,每個月的月圓之日,會舉行丑時聚會,拍賣孩童的夢境,夢境會被轉存於兔子娃娃中,通常孤兒的夢價格較為便宜,好壞不一, 一般人想嘗試會挑選此種夢作為體驗,但利潤不高,真正的收益其實是來自於VIP貴賓,包括富人與政商名流。

Ex:  濾夢,清醒夢,造夢,噩夢,美夢,夢中夢,預知夢 等。每樣的價格不等。

A few years later, dream trading became one of the profitable business activity in upper class. Of course, the price is very expensive. The dream is selling like hotcakes in between the rich and powerful person. There are different types of dream in the Black market. The price high and low is depending on purity grading of dream. The most expressive dreams normally come from children. In contrast, the dream generated from adult always turn out very chaotic and turbid as the thought of adult was being contaminated after the socialization. It led the quality of dream down to poor condition and this is why high purity of dreams are always in high demand. In addition, the dream is all about imagination. All imagination can be achieved inside the dream.  The dream buyer can experience the dream without care about the shackles in reality. Also, a good quality of dream can bring people some inspiration and creativity to manage all kind of messages or even epiphany. This is why the dream trading business became popular and it kind of precious resources in the market.
The Midnite Hotel is a special institution. The dream trading became its largest sources of income to the hotel. It also operates charities such as orphanages, and accommodates many homeless and abandoned child. Children can exchange accommodation for one day by trading one stories. If there is no story to tell, boarder can use the dream to mortgage. Midnite Hotel will host an auction event in every full moon day of every month. Every children’s dream will public for auction during the event, dreams will be parasitized into rabbit dolls, the dream price of orphans dreams usually go cheaper than others. And also, the quality is so inconsistent. Normally, it will take by the person who just wants to experience the “dream”, but it is not profitable. The main income is actually from the VIP, including those wealthy person and political and business celebrities.
The Midnight Hotel has a secret entrance to the underground. There is a sign with “machine room” writing on the iron gate. There is always an employee stationed at the front gate. And the general staff cannot enter as well. There are 13 rooms behind the door. Every room is living with the special boarder. All the top dreams were generated by these 13 children. No one knows these 13 borders are existing because their presence is just too sensitive.
All borders have their own job content to follow as there is more than one dream to be needed. Customers have different needs and desires for dream. So there are several hidden services can be chosen on the secret menu of the hotel.
It is including filtered dream, Day dream, Dream a dream, Sweet dream, nightmare, a dream within a dream, as well as prophetic dream. And they are in different price.
Dream trading has strong side effects left behind to dreamer. In the case of filtered dreams, dreamer and the customer will be connected via the special instrument. In the process, the negative energy will occur through the customer who is with very turbid mind. All negative data will transfer to filtered dreamer first, then it will re-direct back to the customer in gentle form to achieve the effect of filtering dreams. This service can make people get rid of long-term recurring nightmares. However, the dreamer must have a good state of mind to counter and avoid the contamination from customer.


丑時旅店 - Novem 




約150mm高,外盒27.5 x 20.5 x 15cm






● 訂購完成後,於付款成功後七日內出貨。
● 請注意孩童及寵物使用,避免窒息風險。
● 內含細小零件,請將商品放置寵物及小孩不易取得之處,避免吞食等危險發生。
● 部份產品外觀的細線與收合點,為塑料成型時所產生的自然現象,並非瑕疵。
● 商品尺寸因樣式、測量基準不同,會略有誤差,請依實品為準。
● 商品顏色會因電腦螢幕設定而略有色差,拍攝亦有可能產生色差,圖片僅供參考,請以實際收到商品為準。
● 請勿存放於高溫或日光直射處,並請遠離火源。
● 請勿使用於用途外之行為。
● 訂購本商品前請務必詳閱商品「退換貨原則」。
● 7天鑑賞期非試用期,商品經拆封使用、無原廠包裝、外盒損傷、拆解、商品附屬配件/贈品短缺,將會影響您的退貨權益。
● 若在商品猶豫期間內欲換貨,商品狀態須為全新且包裝完整,配件缺一不可。經客服人員聯繫確認後,方能享有換貨權益。